Live2D Rigging

*Includes recommended parameters for VTubeStudio

Rig TypeCost
Half Body150$
Full Body300$


Expression20$ each
Mouth X20$
Tongue Physics30$
Mouse Tracking30$
Animal Ears40$
Idle Animation20$

Model Showcase Under construction

Full Body Examples

Terms of Service

Prior To Commissioning

Prior to commissioning me as an artist, you agree to the following:

  • All terms and conditions outlined on this page.

  • Communicate effectively with me to create the most ideal rig for you, the client.

  • Are above the age or 18 and/or have a legal guardian agree to these terms and conditions.

  • Have the funds available by the time I've reached you in the queue.

  • Prices are subject to change without notice. The only exception for this is finalized quotes.

  • Do NOT file for any chargebacks and/or disputes without first contacting and discussing with me.

  • I have a zero tolerance policy for any toxicity. Verbal abuse or harassment will result in termination of the commission

Commission Process

  • If commission slots are open, send a DM to my Twitter @ManakaReiVT with the type of rigging job, deadline, and preferred method of contact level

  • I have the right to refuse commissions. I am not obligated to provide reasoning.

  • If accepted, the client will be contacted by their preferred method of contact. Please note: the client is encouraged to have their DM's open on both Discord and Twitter if they have submitted a request.

  • Clients do NOT need to have a completed PSD, however, clients are encouraged to inform and update me on the status of their model's illustration. Please confirm whether I'm allowed to show your model's work in progress publicly or to be kept confidential.

  • Clients will receive a price quote if the PSD has been submitted. If the art needs revising, I will reach out to either the client or the model artist for revisions.

  • Once the model art has been approved, the client will receive a price quote during this time, and this price will be finalized once sent. In some circumstances, the client will need to pay a deposit in order to hold their spot in the queue.

  • When the client is next in queue, I will contact them around 1 week prior to the start date. This is when the client will need to pay a minimum of 50% of the total cost. Payment in full is acceptable as well.

  • Clients have access to my Trello, this is where all progress is recorded. The model will be marked within the clients card, as parts of the rig are complete.

  • Updates will be sent to the client based on their preferred mode of contact. The client typically receives an update for:

  • - Eyes, Eyebrows, Mouth completion.

  • - Head Turn, with Physics, completion.

  • - Body Movement Progress.

  • - Final Model.

  • The client may request up to 3 additional updates. The client will not receive the working file until it is complete and the invoice is paid in full.

  • The commission will be considered as complete once the client has not replied within 1 week of delivery. Exceptions being minor art touch-ups.

  • The client will receive all necessary runtime files needed to use the commission. The client will NOT receive the cmo3 working file.

  • If the client has revisions past the 1 week completion mark, there may be an additional cost.


  • The client's and artist's legal names, country of origin, and other personal information may become known during the commission process. Specifically during the payment process.

  • The client and artist mutually agree to keep all information confidential, with the exception of a legal matter.

  • I have the right to stream model rigging, only with the client's permission. This will be submitted during the Google Form stage.

Refund and Resale

  • Refunds may be requested in full if the rigging process has not begun. Once rigging has started, there will be NO refunds. Please note: If I am unable to complete the commission, a refund will be issued.

  • Chargebacks/Disputes may ONLY occur once the client has spoken with me, the rig artist.

  • The rig may be sold to another third party, however, the original client will first need to confirm with me that it is acceptable. In most circumstances, the rig may be sold. The original client may NOT charge more than the original cost of the rig. The new client will need to credit @ManakaReiVT.

Commercial Use of Live2D Rig

  • The client will need to credit the rig artist, using the following handle: @ManakaReiVT. This credit needs to be easily accessible and visible.

  • The client may use the produced work for streaming or social media promotion.

  • The client may NOT use the produced work for any NFT or crypto related activities. The client may NOT use the produced work for any AI generated art programs. This is strictly prohibited.

  • I, the artist, have the right to use the work for portfolio pieces and to promote my work. WIP's will only be posted if the client has provided permission to stream their model, and will otherwise be posted after the model has debuted.